ServiceDesk Plus MSP App Reviews

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Bad design and functionality

The application is almost useless, when adding work logs it freezes, Time is calculated wrong, can’t see images in conversations, can’t merge tickets, can’t edit priority or due date. The android app is far more better, but this one hasn’t been taken care of in the last 3-4 years.

A lot of function doesn’t work with iOS11

After upgrade IOS11, Work log can’t modify and delete anymore, also which click on accouny crash and close the app


Not all parts of the app work. Can't clear notifications easily, so there is always a badge on the icon. Trying to see detail for a ticket doesn't work, app freezes.

Decent, Needs More Work

The app logs in and I can work with Requests filtered by Account and/or SDP-MSP View filters. The keyboard has difficulty dismissing once logged on and browsing Requests. It doesn't dismiss easily and it needs attention.

Not ready for production

As it is this app is useless. One cannot read messages or respond to a customer if there are 10 or 15 messages. The screen will not scroll. Very basic functionality has not been tested.

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